The killer could be sitting right at this very table.

Charlotte Crockleby is a recurring character in Guilt. She is portrayed by Katie Clarkson-Hill.

She is engaged-to-be-married with Prince Theo, and to be the Princess of Wales. However, after a vivid dream by Prince Theo about Molly Ryan, he is forced to open up to her, but spins the story last minute to make it about an imaginary dog who died, also named Molly.

It isn't long before Charlotte soon finds out the real truth by tricking Phillip into revealing a bit more about Molly, and tries to run away from him during a celebrational gathering.

She seems to give him another chance at the end of "Eyes Wide Open", however, telling him never to lie to her again.

In What Did You Do? she discovers Prince Theo having an affair with Kaley and soon after Prince Theo is shot, she decides to leave him without helping. Leaving Kaley to deal with it.