Natalie Atwood is a main character in Guilt. She is the sister of Grace Atwood and debuted in Pilot. She is portrayed by Emily Tremaine.


Natalie (Emily Tremaine) is a Boston prosecutor. Natalie loves her sister very much - and is shocked when Grace becomes a murder suspect in an increasingly complicated case in London. Natalie will be forced to question her sister’s innocence…and discover exactly how far she is willing to go to keep Grace out of jail.

However, Natalie begins to doubt her sister’s innocence as more and more stories about her sister are revealed.



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  • After a lengthy search, Emily Tremaine, of Vinyl fame was announced for a co-lead role in Freeform’s recently picked up series Guilt on February 22nd, 2016; with the role of Natalie, which ultimately being recast and given to Emily.[1]
  • The role previously belonged to Katrina Law (Spartacus and Arrow)  before being announced on May 31st 2016 officially that role had officially been recast to Emily Tremaine.[2]